What IS Resilience?

What IS Resilience?

 Now I know that most fitness blogs usually post about fitness tips, diet advice and instructional videos on proper form....and don't worry... I will be providing you with all those goodies as well in the future.

But to kick things off and to really get to know each other well, I wanted to share with you my story and how the name "Resilience Fitness Gear" came about. After all, what does resilience even mean? It's one thing to strut around with the word printed on your shirt (T-shirts available at www.teespring.com/stores/too-alive-t-shirts.com)  but what does that word really and truly entail?

For me, I had to eat, sleep, breathe, bleed, cry, and sweat this word out when I lost my health, my mind, and essentially my life to a medication known as Klonopin, which was prescribed  to me by a doctor. This medication wreaked complete and utter devastation on my central nervous system and I plunged into the deepest, darkest despair I never even knew was possible for a human being to experience.

This story is about the resilience it took for me to make it through that nightmare and also the resilience it takes for thousands of others just like me to make it through their own experiences with pharma induced brain injuries.

How does this apply to fitness you ask? Don't worry, we'll get there my friends ;) For now, just sit back, grab a cup of joe or some Whey protein and let's begin.