Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

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Resistance Bands

No gym? No weights? No problem!

With this complete set of resistance exercise and latex therapy bands, you can literally hit every single muscle group you need. So whether you want to build mountainous traps, a shredded chest, or beastly triceps and biceps, this resistance band set has you covered.

It's also much easier to maintain proper form and it's not so hard on your joints, so you can work out for much longer! They might not look as manly as dumbbells and barbells, but that won't matter one bit when you're walking around on the beach looking like a chiseled king. And ladies, with the latex therapy band leg exercises, you can have the thighs you've always wished for and deserve!

The Perfect Gym In A Bag! Our Resistance Band System is designed to bump up the intensity of your balance board exercises. Simply wrap around the rail of the Original boards or use on the Ultimate Fitness board.

Activate your body with balance and resistance training at the same time. Resistance bands are great for strength training, stability training, injury rehab and fitness on the go. Travel anywhere and set up your own gym. A perfect accessory for everybody!

  • 2 handles
  • 2 long loop attachment straps
  • 2 foot straps
  • Light, medium and heavy latex resistance bands
  • Carry bag
  • Designed for Original boards
  • Designed for Ultimate Fitness boards
  • Designed to loop around poles / stable objects 
  • Resistance Bands attach to o-rings, fence wire or cables